August 12, 2018

Our bodies talk to us all the time. But do we listen? And do we know what they are telling us?

Our bodies send us messages and clues all the time to tell us what they need. We feel thirsty when we need a drink, we feel hungry when we need to eat, we feel tired when we need to sleep, we feel the urge when we need to go to the toilet. Other signs that we need to pay attention to our bodies may be pain, stress, stiffness, tension, fatigue, inflammation and many other bodily symptoms that indicate less than ideal health.

Our bodies are so cleverly and wonderfully made. They are our vehicle to move around, interact and function in this world. They are the most amazing balance of chemical reactions, nerve impulses, muscle contractions,...

July 30, 2016

As a Physiotherapist, I have 13 years of experience working in both Women’s Health Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I have worked with many women, both in the hospital and private practice setting, to assist them with pain and other presentations during their pregnancy and postnatally.

Pregnancy is an enormous time of change for a woman’s body. A massive change in hormones causes softening of ligaments and increases joint mobility. Hormone changes also mean that the body becomes more sensitive to pain. As the uterus expands it moves the centre of gravity forward, causing the pelvis to tilt forward, thus significantly changing a woman’s posture. The weight gain (about 10-20kg) also results in an increased load on s...

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